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Company Policy

We trust everything can be sorted out.

It is our commitment to our customers and our drive to be a better partner that motivates us every day. That’s why we require our employees to undergo yearly recertification. And that’s why we, as a company, are proud to boast our commitment to remaining ISO 9001:2008 certification. It’s why we’ll always do our best to completely understand your business, and why we’ll always answer the phones every time you call. It’s why, around here, service and quality are more than goals. They are standards.

Our total commitment to quality. All our staff members are dedicated to those core values that form the foundation of our business: Top-quality, personalized customer service
Timely and accurate flow of critical information
High standards of professional performance
Continuous improvement of systems, processes and procedures

Why OCL:The co offers a convenient menu of standard freight management services. There are few important factors that have helped us to evolve as the preferred logistics- solution provider.
- A global, one stop shop service
- Competitive rates and rapid quotes
- Advanced technological capabilities
- Superior Cargo management handling
- Cost reduction
- Focus on core competency
- Improved efficiency service and flexibility
- Build to order systems
- Total control through professionals