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OCL Pharma & Chemical Logistics

A separate Business Division of OCL

Pharma& Chemical Logistics Network has been established by OCL to meet the growing and recognised need for a truly professional Global Association of specialist forwarders, where capability, resources and infrastructure are in place to meet the most demanding client needs.

There will be just one accredited and approved member in each major strategic location, and beyond, to ensure that the Pharmaceutical Industry has a truly independent, focused, and specialised core of Forwarding Companies, who don’t just say “yes we can do this” but have the experience dedication, and credentials to do the job, and we have met an exacting membership criteria.

Why your Company needs our Logistics

The Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry will have for the first time a truly global connection to meet their needs, whether by air, sea, or express truck, with the highest standards and skills employed to deal with Customs and logistical challenges, and the assurance each and every linked Company will be Owner managed. Each will be capable of demonstrating a speed of response and interest, that multinationals will never be able to provide. In each location there will only be one point of contact. Simple communications and a fast track assistance.